Help build a Sustainable Vegetable Farm

Help save a farm and Start growing more food in America Hi, My name is Robert Becker, and I am fundraising to purchase a run-down cow farm that needs a lot of work and will most likely be sold, torn down, and multi houses built in its place. We are losing farmland at an alarming… Continue Reading →

Square foot gardening spacing

SQUARE FOOT Gardening, How to Grow MORE FOOD in LESS SPACE! This method of gardening is space saving and organized. If you have a small space to grow your vegetables this might be a great solution for you. Seeding Square – Square Foot Gardening Template – Seed Sowing Tool Kit Comes with: Color Coded Seed… Continue Reading →


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About Me

Someone who loves living in the country with all of my animals enjoying everything it has to offer. Growing my own healthy food for my family and showing others how to do it for themselves.

Articles by members, Please contact me if you would like to write an article on projects you have done and think everyone would like to know. I would love to make a section for your projects and insight.

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