Square foot gardening spacing

Food prices are going up higher and higher everyday. It is time for everyone to get back to growing your own food and saving money at the same time.If you want to grow the most vegetables in a small place consider trying the square foot gardening method. This method of gardening uses every square foot... Continue Reading →

Living Off-Grid Simple Living

Off grid living for beginners If you thinking of living off-grid in a cabin, check out some of these videos and get a real perspective of what life is like living in a cabin win no electricity or even running water. See how they live their day to day lives without the normal comforts of... Continue Reading →

Off-grid kitchen ideas

Living off-grid will provide some challenges when cooking meals. Learn what off-grid kitchen ideas will help you with the daily meal prep in an off-grid kitchen. Pioneers were able to cook all of their meals without electricity, running water or the convenience that a modern home provides. Relearn the old ways of living and cooking... Continue Reading →

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