Wild edible plants all around you

list of wild edible plants with pictures

Here are some common wild plants that grow all around you that are edible and very healthy for you. Watch these videos and see if you can find these plants around where you live and broaden your horizons.

Plants like the wild Pineapple weed can make tea to help you sleep and the leaves can be added to your salades. As food prices keep rising learn what food grows wild around you if you ever need to supplements you meals.

Wild Edibles with Sergei Boutenko: Pineapple Weed–Matricaria Matricarioides + Simple Foraging Rules

PINEAPPLE WEED (wild chamomile) • Harvesting & Preserving

I find this plant growing all around my farm.

How to Identify Lamb’s Quarters

Lamb’s quarter pops up in the middle of all of my gardens. I always thought they were weeds. Now I add them to my salades.

WILD Spinach Lambs Quarter & How to preserve it

What is Purslane? A Secret, Scrumptious Superfood!

This supper food grows wild in my garden as well. I have to pull it up all the time. It can grow fast.

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