How to Grow Amazing Strawberries

How to make strawberry plants produce more fruit


By Simplify Gardening 

10 Tips To Grow The Best Strawberries Ever Strawberry or Strawberries are such great soft fruit that everyone loves. But buying them from the store does them no justice. To get the amazing experience of sweet strawberry fruits you need to pick them direct from the plant. In this video, I give you a ton of strawberry tips about their care and how to ensure you not only get a great crop of strawberries, but each strawberry is sweet, juicy, and blows your socks off when you eat it. In this video I plant up some strawberry plug plants called sweet colossus it is one of the largest strawberries in the world but its fruit is so sweet. these really are amazing. Watch, like and share this video and learn all there is to know to grow strawberries at home so you can enjoy them how they are meant to be.

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