Essential Firewood Cutting Tips For Beginners

Best way to process firewood

Processing fire wood on your hobby farm will provide a renewable way to heat your home in the winter. Learning how to chose the correct trees on your farm to use as fire wood, cut, split and dry for the winter months.

Pick trees that grow abnormally, fallen, split or show signs of disease. Safely fall the tree, cut and remove all the limbs down to the smallest you can use as fire sizes. Cut larger sizes into the correct lengths to fit your wood stove and split if needed. Then allow wood to season in full sunlight.

How to cut, split, stack and dry firewood // Homesteading

Learn how to cut, split, stack and dry your firewood before winter sets in. Check out these videos on tips on how to process your fire wood for you home stead.

Firewood video

Check out these firewood videos on best techniques for falling, cutting, stacking and drying your firewood on your homestead.

This Technique Could Save Your Chainsaw

When to split wood after cutting

A rule thumb for processing good firewood are to Cut, split and stack the wood in the early spring and let it stand to dry in the sun and wind until it is seasoned for burning.

If the wood is green (live) when it is cut down, it should be split soon after to help speed up the drying process. If the tree is a standing dead tree, it will probably be dry and can be split at a later time.

How to Split Wood | The Art of Manliness

How long does it take to dry green wood for firewood

Usually around 6 months and the wood will be seasoned.

Best way to stack firewood

  • Stack wood on a platform off of the ground
  • Cut ends facing out to allow sun and wind to dry wood
  • Allow for airflow
  • After drying faze cover top to keep rain and snow off

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