How to build cold storage for fruits & vegetables

Cold room or root cellar How to store your crop for winter

Preserve your vegetable crops through the winter by building your own cold room on your hobby farm. Enjoy your winter crops in your favorite meal through the winter months. Cold rooms allow you to keep your winter vegetables longer with out spoiling when the winter months begin getting colder

Your grand parents were able to store crops all winter long using root cellars and cold room. These rooms keep a cool temperature with low humidity that when vegetables are stored correctly can last all winter long until the next crowing season starts.

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How cold should vegetable be stored

Vegetable cold storage temperature

Cool rooms kept around 32 to 35°F are the optimal temperatures to store crops in the winter months.

What temperature should vegetables be stored at?

32 to 35°F

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How do you preserve vegetable for the winter

Vegetables can be stored longer term in a cool, dry, dark, well-ventilated location to prevent rotting. Vegetables can be storage boxes, wooden crate or shallow cardboard box. News paper, dry dirt or sand can be used to keep the vegetables from touching witch will cause rotting.

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How to build cold storage for fruits & vegetables

Cold storage rooms can be built in the basement of a home, hobby farm or digging a underground room and insulating it.

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