Should I water my vegetable garden every day

How and when to water my garden

Should I water my vegetable garden every day? If you have planted seedlings or starting plants from seed in your garden, the soil will need to be watered everyday to keep the soil damp while the germination process is starting. New seedling will need to be water daily due to the roots having shallow depth.

After my hobby farm garden is well established I will water every one to two days depending on the heat. Deep water will encourage deep root growth for more health plants and more sturdy against dry days.

5 Watering Mistakes You’re Probably Making

How often to water vegetable garden in summer

Vegetables should be watered two to three time a week in overly hot weather. Newly planted seedlings or seeds started in the ground should be water two times each day. Mature plants should be watered deeply to increase deep root growth. Soil coverings can be added around the plants or in the path ways to decrease in water exportation.

Simple Guide to Watering | Highly-Effective Watering Methods for the Vegetable Garden

How often should I water my garden

Watering your garden a inch of water per week is recommended. It can be two times that during hot and dry spells. Some plants with shallow roots will need to be water more often.

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