How to collect rainwater for plants and garden as the summers get hotter and dryer

How to collect rainwater DIY

Collection of rain water at your hobby farm can be done in many ways. Most setups collect water from the roof of a house, garage or small building using the rain gutter diverting the water into holding tanks. Once the water is collected in a storage container the water can be used to water plants or gardens with the aid of a water hose outlet.

Rainwater collection system for garden

How do I collect rain water for my garden?

The best way to collect rain water or harvesting rainwater for a garden is the use of a rain barrel or a more commercial size storage container. Rain barrels can be purchase from garden centers.

How To Build A Rainwater Collection System

DIY rainwater collection system

Here are some great videos on DIY rainwater collection systems and how to build them.

Rainwater collection system for garden

These rainwater collection systems are a great way to catch rain water to water your garden and flowers as the summers are becoming hotter and more dry. Start collecting rain water at you hobby farm to help reduce the amount of water you use from your well.


Residential rainwater collection systems

How To Build A Rainwater Collection System

Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Made from Previously Used Food Grade Barrel, Upcycled, Recycled, 58 Gallon Size

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